So you’re interested in becoming a part of the Big Cat Brandz family. We’re excited to meet you! Like any confident, strong and successful company, we take pride in holding true to high standards. This means reserving positions of partnered success for only the very best of the best ideas. So we’re searching! We want to see your product, your company, hear your idea! We want to hear your goals and see your vision! We also want to make sure that you, your company, idea or product align with us in a way that maximizes synergy and success!

Twice a month, Big Cat Brandz board members and team leaders meet together to discuss the latest BCB submissions. Some weeks we’ll take on a few, other weeks we’ll take on none. It simply boils down to having a qualifying submission that peaks our interest and that our specialized analysts see a bright and vibrant future with.

We take pride in our standards and in the honesty it takes to, unfortunately, reject submissions when they do not meet our high qualifications. So to make this process as easy to understand as possible, we will outline how it all works below.

  • Submit invention or idea via the package you believe would best suit your specific idea, company or product. Submissions can be made here: (Please note: A submission to BCB is not a guarantee of acceptance. It is however, a guarantee of company review and consideration.)
  • Purchase necessary package. Packages Silver, Gold and Platinum require a deposit to qualify for review. When you select the package you’d like, you’ll be contacted by a Big Cat Brandz representative to discuss the deposit and the steps necessary to move on to the next phase.
  • After submitting the deposit for your selected package you will be redirected to a submission form. It is very important that you fill this out as detailed as possible. Please include mock ups, photos, business plans, sales projections and anything you think relevant to your invention.

A BCB team member will notify you of our company’s executive decision, in regard to your invention, within 10 business days of your submission.

  • Acceptance: In the awesome instance that we find your submission exciting and full of potential, you will receive a personalized email of acceptance. Your deposit will go towards your entire package cost. (Example: You selected the Gold package, your deposit will go towards the package price. A member of our accounting department will contact you to help you set up final payment.)
  • Denial: In the unfortunate instance that you are denied, BCB will issue you a refund for all but $500 of your deposit, as well as an email explaining how we came to the decision that we did and encouraging steps that you can take to create a more substantial idea, product or company that we may feel a better fit for us in the future. $500 of your deposit is non-refundable and is considered a submission fee.

Good luck to you and we look forward to seeing your submission soon!