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Travel Tooth Brush. Amazing invention with fluoride, whitener for teeth and plaque control. Perfect dental treatment on the go.

"30 Piece Merchandise Line with Network License Agreement, Global Sales Success"

Full fishing and apparel line. America’s number one rated television show. Retail blockbuster. Discovery channel license deal.

"Formed Distribution partnership with Budweiser, National Festival Marketing Plan"

Inventors cure for headaches and hangover symptoms. Works every time. Convenience store home run. Drink a bottle before consuming alcohol.

"Sports License and Branding Deal"

Innovative baseball cap with sunglasses attached. Top quality design and manufacturing. Global sensation. Never lose your sunglasses again.

"Successfully launched WOW! LIGHTERS internationally"

No flame, no fluid, cigarette and candle lighters. Recharges with USB plug. Assorted colors and styles. Innovative tobacco industry invention.

"Discount Store Blitz, 25 Million Pieces Sold"

Family tooth brush kit. 6 high quality tooth brushes in multiple colors with a rinse cup and stand. Price cannot be beat.

"110 Piece Merchandise Line, Fastest Growing Fishing Line in the USA"

Innovative fishing industry lures and supplies. Fastest growing brand in the world. Catch more fish than you ever dreamed. Amazing Brand development.

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