Big Cat Brandz is the leading new product placement and branding company in the United States. Our original focus was to help emerging brands get into Big Box retailers across the US and Canada. We can do that. We can put any product into the hands of the actual decision making buyer that has the authority to decide whether or not that product is getting on the shelf in that chain and we can do that across all categories with every retailer. We can’t make a consumer buy the product or a buyer accept it, but we can get it to where it needs to be. What takes everyone else months, if not years, takes us days.

In 2009, we switched our focus from mega brands to emerging brands (defined as products that are complete and selling already to consumers at some level). We review hundreds of products a month and pick the ones that we feel could be the next big thing. Once we take on a product it enters one of our programs. Here our team dissects everything about the product and company to prepare it for buyer meetings and high volume sales. It is a very departmentalized process that lasts a few weeks, but in the end the brand, product, and company are ready. We only handle one product per type at a time and when we set a meeting we only discuss that one product. We don’t have catalogs and don’t waste time. We build brands one product at a time.

We have relationships in place that separate us from anyone else that is associated with this industry. Our team members go back 40 years of calling on specific retailers. In most cases they work with just one retailer and are in their offices or on the phone with them every day. It is the only way to be successful in this business and it took our expertise and drive to get here. Our US team is made up of over 106 distinguished sales agents with another 125 in the international markets.

Beyond Big Box retailers our Starfire Program allows us to launch products into the online space. We have a massive base of online retailers, online stores, specialty sites and “Deal of the Day” sites available for product placement. We are also contracted with QVC, HSN, multiple catalogs and Infomercial companies for further opportunities. We have an in-house department that strictly focuses every day on adding new online opportunities, retailers, distributors, and wholesalers to our list of partners. The name of the game is to have as many income streams for a product as possible and we have hundreds.

Our customers also have access to all the amenities BCB offers. When a company signs up with us it’s a partnership. You instantly become a major company that not only has all our reps and online opportunities but also you now have an in-house graphic and web design department, full logistics and warehousing, PR, content writing, legal, and SEO/social media management. We consider it a true partnership. Our job is to guide our partners every step of the way to success. BigCatBrandz is where great products come to succeed.

Dave Branch, Founder

Serial Entrepreneur, Hall of Fame athlete, television personality, and branding and marketing expert, Dave has worked with mega brands including, Coca Cola, Budweiser, Red Bull and Monster Energy. He has also worked closely with Discovery Channel on show branding programs including their # 1 show “Deadliest Catch.” Dave is the leading authority on new consumer product growth. His core focus is always positioning, potential and execution when it comes to product maturity . . . with expertise in early growth strategies, concept positioning and executive team building. Dave is a graduate of Loyola University, New Orleans, and Johnson and Wales University. He has been married 30 years with two children and lives on the Island of Palm Beach and in Aspen, Colorado.

Letter from our Founder



I started BigCatBrandz because I saw a problem. So many great new products were coming to market every year and failing. Kickstarter and Indiegogo type sites provide new products a place to showcase, raise money and make sales. But once that process was over they are still in the same spot; how do we get into stores? Buyers only buy from people they like and know. Online stores are difficult to reach and get set up on and good distributors only want to carry products that are already selling well in stores. Amazon is soaring and happens to have all the new products that the retailers don’t have. They don’t have them because they don’t know how to find them because they only deal with people they like and know. Confused? So was I.

With over 350,000 new products hitting the market every year and less than 5,000 making a dollar, it was a frustrating broken system and I set out to fix it. Today my company has over 200 direct sales people worldwide that have 20 plus years each of industry experience. They know the buyers and they get the job done . . . new products on the shelves. With over 30 years in this business, I get it. Besides brick and mortar, we handle online sales, catalogs, and every other income stream available to sell our customers products. Now, I want yours!

The bottom line is you have done your job in creating a fun and exciting product. Now it’s time to let us do our job. Give us a call so we can explain how partnering with BigCatBrandz is the right decision for you.


“Join us! The view is better from the top!”    Dave

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