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  • “Congratulations BCB team! You got me a PO for 5000 units before I signed my contract. Thank You!

    Dr. Taub, December 2016
  • “My first account is Dicks Sports, Great Job Guys”

    Jeff Bucher, 2016
  • “Great meeting you guys in Miami, great office and what energy in your staff. Thanks for all you do!

    Jimmy James, CEO polar style
  • I obviously chose the right company to launch my brand. Thanks so much!

    Allo - Bike Smarter
    Benji Miller, ALLO CEO
  • “You guys do what you claim” I wanted a Walmart deal and you got it done!” Impressive!

    Rich Duprey, January 2017
  • You had Sarah Palin try my product and she loved it! You guys are the best!

    Big Rick, Rolly America
  • I want to express my gratitude to the hope and reality that you and your team have brought into the lives of so many families relying on our project

    Logic Lures
    Branden Roberts, Logic Lures Founder
  • Thank you Big Cat Brandz! The results these first six months have been awesome!

    Andrea Giammati, Rolly Brush CEO
  • Nice Start, $ 72,000 sale our first week! Nice Job Tom and Team!

    Hansen Wholesale
    Paul Hoahns, Hansen Wholesale

A Full-Service Product Launch Company

FundingBig Cat Brandz has extensive resources and expertise in funding any size business or project through traditional and equity crowd funding, private equity and more.

BCB understands that having a financial partner to help with inventory needs, expansion and marketing is critical for all new products. We have an exclusive group of private investors waiting to explore opportunities with exciting new brands. BCB also forms partnerships with certain brands . In this case we put up our money to help grow your brand to its full potential. No matter what the need we have your financial future covered.

graphicWeb design

In today’s world your web site is your business card. It should radiate your message and personality to the world. Our in house designers will create you web site and image with your vision to increase sales and traffic and develop long term customers. From landing pages to full E commerce, SEO  “sale ready” sites, BCB will put you on top of the market.

Logo and Design

Give us your concept and we will create  a logo and image beyond your expectations. We know what the customer looks for. We know what starts the process of building your business… image. Our in house designers will work with you to create that look you need.


From concept to sales, BCB has figured out the magic to launching new brands. We work with you from day one to identify your goals and build a full branding campaign for long term market dominance. The early part of a brand’s life is the critical part. Design, culture, image and direction are the cornerstones to any brands success. Contact BCB today for a free consultation on how we can make your dreams a reality.

Press and Public relations

BCB understands the importance of brand recognition. You need people talking, writing, blogging and creating relevance in your brand or company. We get that and we can make that happen. Our journalists and PR experts are ready to jump on your team and get your message known.

Big Cat Brandz understands the importance of successful marketing to boost sales. The bottom line when it comes to advertisement is knowing your audience and creating a brand that speaks directly to them. BCB’s team of graphic designers and marketing experts will develop your brand from start to finish. Our incredibly talented graphic design team will create you a logo and customized website. Our Marketing team will develop tag lines and social media campaigns. Our Sales team will work to connect you with some of the largest outlets in the nation for optimized exposure of your product. Simply put; if you’re looking to submit an invention and launch a product and create a new brand, no one will get you the market exposure and success that Big Cat Brandz will. Partner with the best. Partner with Big Cat Brandz!

marketingBig Cat Brandz specializes in effective and cutting edge marketing when you submit an invention to us. Whether it’s print, radio advertisement, television infomercials, a highlighted segment on QVC or social media via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc, BCB has a connection for them all and a staff that goes above and beyond to insure the success of every marketing campaign. You want to submit your invention? Look no further than Big Cat Brandz.`

salesBig Cat Brandz regularly partners with huge names in the industry to gain maximum exposure for your invention. Our teams have the experience and track record of securing distribution with retailers across all channels. It’s not uncommon for us to sign multi-million dollar infomercial deals within 60 days of signing a product or secure exclusive rights to a large supply chain of stores. If you want your product to gross hundreds of thousands or even millions, BCB is the company to take you there. Don’t wait to submit your invention. “Let’s get you out there!”

warehouseIndustry experts with over 40 years’ experience… Our prices can’t be beat!

  1. Same day domestic and international shipping.
  2. Customer service and return management for your customers.
  3. Shipping and return policies.
  4. EDI compliant.
  5. Tracking portal for all your shipments with full integration for your customers.
  6. Pick and Ship to full trucks and pallets
  7. UPS, DHL, FED X AND USPS sourcing on every small order.
  8. Experienced staff to deal with all major retailers and distributors. Retail link certified.

Let us do it all for you… simple pricing of 99 cents per order.  

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Our Corporate Team has over 100 years in combined experience within the industry.

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Business Management

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